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Need a Pet Sitter?

We Take Care of All Types and Sizes of Animals!

Need Pet Nursing Care?

We specialize in the nursing care of exotic pets, birds, bunny rabbits, ferrets, bearded dragons guinea pigs and all small mammals and our Registered Veterinary Technicians will come to your home to administer medication such as syringe feedings, and care that was prescribed to your veterinarian.

Need Exotic Pet Grooming?

Does your bunny rabbit or guinea pig need a bunny shave because of knots or, those nails that are too long that can catch in the carpet and tear a nail

Bird Beak trims and nail trims are our specialty done by our Registered Veterinary Technicians that specialize in exotics.

Calgary Pet Care Sitting and Services

 Are you going out of town for business, a vacation, a wedding, or a family reunion and can’t take your beloved pet? Birds And Critters Pet Services provides an alternative to stressful kennels and boarding facilities with personalized in-home pet-sitting  and grooming and nursing care services for your birds, parrots bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs, small mammals, exotic pets, dogs, cats, and more! We come right to your home in the Calgary area while you’re away and offer all our services including feed, walk and play with your beloved companions – keeping them comfortable in their own surroundings. 

Our services also include Exotic Pet Grooming of Bunny rabbits, Guinea pigs bird beak and nail trims hamster nail trims hamster  and home-sitting for houses, condos, apartments, and more. Give us a call text or send us an email to find out specific rates and to book your appointment. 

Pet Sitting, Grooming and Nursing Care for Birds, Parrots, Bunny Rabbits, Small Mammals, Reptiles Exotic Pets, Dogs, Cats, and More!

Our in-home Pet-sitting Grooming and Nursing Care services are the perfect fit for animals big and small and with different feeding and grooming and nursing care and exercise requirements, including: 

  • Birds, Parrots
  • Bunny Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Ferrets
  • Hedgehogs
  • Hamsters
  • Fish Care
  • Amphibian Care
  • Axolotls
  • Tree Frogs
  • Reptiles
  • Snakes
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Geckos
  • Tortoises
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • And more

Our Services

As much as we want to always be there for our pets, sometimes life can get in the way. Last-minute vacations, business meetings, and out-of-town parties can come up unexpectedly, and it’s not always possible for your furry or feathered friend to tag along for the ride. Our list of services includes the following:

  • Bird Sitting
  • Exotic Pet Sitting
  • Dog and Cat Visits
  • Exotic Pet Grooming
  • Dog Walking
  • Special Care
  • Insurance Inspections
  • And More!

We will always visit your home prior to the pet sitting to meet you and your pet. We will obtain any medical history or information on conditions, the pet’s daily routine, and nutrition requirements and will discuss any other services that may be required.

That way, we can obtain information to ensure that we meet your expectations as a pet sitter. You are paying for much more than pet sitting; you are paying for peace of mind.

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Our Specialties

Exotic Pet Sitting

The popularity of exotic animals as pets is increasing and is expected to continue to do so. As pet care providers, we are familiar with the nutrition, health, and behavioural characteristics of the species of exotic pets, which allows us to have a comfortable and knowledgeable relationship with your pet.

We will keep your pet healthy, safe, and content. Each species has different requirements, and we will always get specific instructions from you, the pet owner.

Bird Sitting: Daily Check-Ins for Your Feathered Friends

We guarantee a stress-free environment for your parrots, budgies, cockatiels, parakeets, and more with our bird-sitting services. Your birds will feel relaxed in their own surroundings with out-of-cage playtime and daily food and water changes.

House and Condo Sitting for Snowbirds and Frequent Travellers

Are you planning on escaping the long winter months somewhere hot and sunny? Insurance companies often require someone to frequently check on your home while you’re away for extended periods of time. At Birds And Critters Pet Services, we provide reliable daily, weekly, and monthly visits to your home in Calgary, ensuring that your plants are watered, taps are off, and everything is secure.


Highly recommend - They were awesome!

Charissa Lacasse

Over, above and beyond, I'm so very happy with their flexibility, prices and service.

natasha C

They were awesome. I felt very safe having them watch my parrot while I was out of town. I will be using them again next time I go out of town

Grant Spackman

Very professional service. Would trust them again anytime.


Caitlyn has been looking after our parrots for years. They absolutely love her. I wouldn’t trust anyone one else with them.

dave mccue

Fantastic services. They were able to accomodate a very last minute request to host and take care of my sick pet canary while I was out of town. I was given multiple updates and photos via email and text. Highly recommended!

Lawrence Kwan

They are absolutely awesome babysitters and took very good care of our green cheek conure, Taco. When we got back Taco loved Caitlyn and almost forgot us! Very very happy with their services.

Jaylon Marikar

Pat and Caitlyn cleary love animals. We left two hedgehogs with them and the hedgies were well looked after, fed, and handled. Will use their services in the future when we are away.

Robin Fong

There is no one else we trust with both our parrots and our dogs. My husband and I could not travel without their services. They are knowledgeable, kind and take excellent care of our pets. We strongly recommend them.

Rhonda Walsh-McCue

Caitlin was great with our sun conure. We feel Roo was well cared for and entertained while at Birds And Critters Pet Sitters and would use their service again

Carrie S

Caitlyn and Pat were outstanding. We couldn't be happier with the level of expert care our Bearded Dragon, fish and seedlings received. 10/10 would use again and highly recommend.

JenAndJoel Hamilton

Had to have my geriatric parrot’s beak and nails trimmed and was able to have Birds And Critters Petsitters come to my house to do this job . My blue fronted Amazon was originally wild caught and is only stick handled both with the original owner and with us so we were very pleased that Caitlyn was able to catch him so quickly without much fuss and trim him and in short order have him eating his treats within 10 min of the procedure. We were so pleased it didn’t stress him and that we didn’t have to take him out of home. Much appreciated ladies and my bird is much happier getting around with the trim. Looking forward the next treatment in a few months. Thanks so much !

Anica McConkey

Great ladies. Our birds and rabbits love them. We use them for nail trims and beak trims and to watch our little ones when we go away. we have never had any concerns with leaving our little ones with them

Rob Morrow

There prices are great for quality of service!

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care that our Milly, Fuzzball, Houdini and Pebbles recieved while we were away.

Our dog has anixiety and is afraid of people, Pat and Caitlyn were a calming influence which helped put Milly at ease.

Trusted pet sitters with kind hearts and patience is hard to find, we are so grateful to Pat and Caitlyn.

Our pets mean the world to our family, and knowing that they were at home, safe and sound gave us great comfort and peace of mind.

Thanks again for the great love and care you showed our precious pets.

Thank you again!

D'Mello Family

Maria P.

The service we received from this company was truly amazing! Knowing that that our bearded dragon was in good hands let us focus on our vacation. The daily updates with photos was a nice added touch!
I would highly recommend this company.

Bria Lamacraft

They are fantastic. Very diligent and trustworthy, as well as safety-oriented and experienced with taking GOOD care of parrots both large and small. After dealing with Pat and Caitlyn, I don’t know if I could entrust my birdie to anyone else!

Flying R

These ladies are really good! They send picture updates everyday. Caitlyn is a registered veterinary technician at my exotic pet vet so I felt comfortable leaving my guinea pigs with them!

Meredith Osborne

Caitlyn and Pat cared for our parrots, cat and fish while we were away in Europe. We received daily updates with pictures (even of the fish). They also made sure that none of our indoor and outdoor plants perished and that our outdoor pond was maintained during that time. The introductory interview was all that I needed to feel that my home and furry, feathered and finned family would be given top notch care and my confidence was completely justified. It's such a relief to have qualified pet care rather than relying on family or friends from now on.

Deb Fettig

Birds and Critters Pet Sitters have always done an amazing job of looking after our flock. At the moment we have a Senegal who can have a bit of an attitude and when we go away he slides right into the rest of the flock at B and C. We have no worries about leaving him because, not only is he well cared for, but his quirkiness is appreciated. He is one lucky parrot and we are extremely grateful to have found people who take such good care of him. Bravo Birds and Critters!

Marian Hood

Birds and Critters Pet Sitters provides reliable, knowledgeable, and thorough care of animals entrusted to them. I have used this service twice, and the attention and care my lovebird received could not have been better. I highly recommend Birds and Critters Pet Sitters for anyone looking for caring, attentive, and professional sitters for their pets.

Christine Neave

Caitlyn and Pat are amazing! I cannot say enough good things about their services. I have two high needs pets that find it very stressful when I am away. This wonderful duo took so much worry off my plate by providing excellent service. I got daily updates complete with pictures and came home to two happy and healthy critters. I can't thank these two enough for helping put my mind at ease while I was away, they really went above and beyond.

Stefanie K

Pat and Caitlyn have been house sitting for Lenny's Cockatiel Sanctuary for the past year, and have consistently provided us with excellent care for the resident cockatiels and doves. Since some of the birds have special needs, it is important that we are able to rely on Pat and Caitlyn to monitor everyone's needs. I can confidently recommend Birds and Critters to anyone looking for reliable, capable and professional caregivers who genuinely care about their clients.

Jonathan Martin

I board my parrot with Birds and Critters Pet Sitters and have had an amazing experience. Very professional, clean and it is very evident that they are true animal lovers. I always know that my bird is in the best care and that I can relax and enjoy my time away.

Jen Foisy

Pat and Caitlyn have been house and bird-sitting for Lenny's Lair Cockatiel Sanctuary for the past 18 months, where they are tasked with caring for 60 birds, including 50 cockatiels. Their care and attention has been fantastic, and we are very lucky to have people upon whom we can rely to look after the elderly and infirm birds that comprise a large part of the flock. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable pet sitter.

Jonathan Martin

Absolutely wonderful service. I was very nervous leaving my tortoise for the first time, but Caitlyn was absolutely wonderful and informative. Added bonus was the daily pictures she sent! I 100% recommend this pet sitting service. The prices are very reasonable, too!

Angelique Jacques

I just had my first experience boarding my pet parrot with Pat and Caitlyn and I was very impressed with the care and attention that they provided. I could tell Oscar was in good hands with daily photos and videos of Oscar getting treats. I felt my bird was in good hands. I won't hesitate to bring Oscar to 'the spa' again.

Ingrid Koslowsky

If I could give 10/5 stars, I would! Absolutely AMAZING pet care services right here!
Pat and Caitlyn came through on a last minute trip. My fiance and I were so happy they were available and so happy with the services they provided to our cats and ferrets! They are both incredibly knowledgeable, thorough in safety, cleaning and other tasks that were specific for our furbabies! We were so incredibly impressed with the communication (they send photos everyday of your babies to you!) and all services given. They gave us the peace of mind and comfort of being away from our cats and ferrets, knowing there are caring and trusting people looking after them. They even do complimentary plant watering! They are both great women, and if you are looking for someone to look after your furbabies, look no further! These 2 are the bees knees! Thank you again for your great work ladies, looking forward to having you back here soon!

Melissa Kirbyson

These are the best ladies in Calgary to take care of your pets. My girlfriend was referred by Treats for Tweets to use them. Excellent choice, they are so educated with our birds behavior and handled them so lovingly.

Carlton Fedun

Caitlyn has been pet sitting for us for years. Her caring personality and amazing knowledge make every experience for both our pets (special needs parrots, snake, turtle, rabbit, fish, and 2 dogs) and ourselves great. I can leave my family in her care and know that they will be taken care of in exactly the way I would care for them. I can not speak highly enough of the care my crazy crew gets when we go away. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Leanne & Nick Zayat

We have been using Caitlyn from Birds & Critters Pet Sitters for years, their professionalism and love for all animals is beyond any other out there. Their prices are EXTREMELY fair and well below what I would pay, the fact that they will stay at my house overnight with my crew to keep them safe while we are away is priceless (3 x large dogs & AF Grey parrot & Budgie) They send daily updates and pictures while we are away which is very special for us to see them happy. Once you meet them you will form the same opinion, they deserve 5+ stars

Nikki Allen

Chris D here, I’m very happy with Caitlyn’s pet sitting services. She always sends regular updates with pictures while I’m away and is able to take care of any special needs my birds have like medications and such. She has a unique understanding of my birds and has quick access to vet services if the need arises. You can feel confident your pets are in great hands.

Theo Hendricks

Wow!!! My birds (Bandit and Miko) just had their nails trimmed. Superstars as far as I am concerned! I had extremely good quality service. I discovered that My girls get stressed out pretty easily and having Pat and Caitlyn come right to my place was far less stressful. Both of the ladies were very professional. It was great talking to them and asking questions that they were more than capable of answering. Easily a 5* review. I will continue to use their services. Hands down I would feel confident leaving my girls under their care if I needed a birdsitter. You get MORE than what you pay for! I did!

Baniko Jette

Pat and Caitlyn have taken care of our bunny numerous times. They always provide us updates and do a wonderful job. They have continuously gone above and beyond our expectations and their duties. It is really hard finding proper care for specialized animals and they are great at it! I'd recommend anyone to use their services!

Bryce Terry

We have been using Caitlyn for approximately 6 years now to look after our two birds and our home - we have nothing but great things to say. She is simply fantastic with the birds and we feel incredibly comfortable and lucky being able to have her look after them. There is no one we would trust more with our treasured pets and our home then her and Pat. We highly recommend them.

J Savill

I found Pat and Caitlyn on Google, and am so happy I did! They were thorough and detailed when it came to the personal care of my two cockatiels. They sent pictures & updates of each visit. Came home to them happy & healthy. Would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a pet sitter. We will definitely be calling them again to watch our Birds! Thanks again ladies!

Savannah Guignard

Extremely impressed with Birds and Critters Pet Sitters’ professional, knowledgeable, and attentive service! They were recommended to us by our veterinarian, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. From start to finish everything was organized and thorough, and we felt confident that our pets (rabbit and guinea pig) would be in good hands while we were out of town for over a week. Will definitely be using their services again in the future!


Highly recommend! Pat and Caitlyn are kind, reliable, and experienced. I was so worried about leaving my Guinea Pigs alone for the first time, but their daily pictures and nice messages kept me at ease. I can tell they love what they do, caring for the animals. We will be back!

Sarah MacPherson

Pat and Caitlin provided excellent quality care for my guinea pig. Caitlin identified a respiratory problem with my piggie and was able to get some antibiotics and extra feeds that helped to get him on track. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their service again. Very caring and professional.

Ann Boerner

My vet recommended me to use Birds & Critters Pet Sitters, they were amazing. Their service was incredible and worth every penny. I was kept up to date along with photos and videos every single day, it put my mind at ease. It made my trip so much better knowing the buns were in good hand & its absolutely priceless coming home to a clean bunny room, and the house looked spotlessly untouched.
Thanks so much you guys, we now have no reason not to travel. 👌😁

Jessabella Warner

Caitlyn and Pat were so helpful and knowledgable when dealing with my budgies. They answered all of my questions and I really appreciated the time and gentle care they took with both birds. They even checked back on how they were after their treatment. Definitely amazing service and care.
Thanks so much you guys, we now have no reason not to travel. 👌😁

Tora Boyle

The team at Birds & Critters Pet Sitters are an amazing bunch! We had them look after our two bunnies while we were away for over a week.

They did a great job monitoring and ensuring the health and well being of our bunnies. Knowing that they are vet technicians really put our mind at ease.

I would highly recommend their services and would not hesitate to use them again!

Allen & Erin

Allen Yu

I am very pleased with the service from Birds and Critters! I have two parrots and it can be difficult to find pet sitters that are knowledgable about exotics, so to have their specialized service is so reassuring.

I have used them twice now for in-home pet sitting - they are very thorough in getting to know your general routine, food, etc, and provide daily updates.

I would highly recommend them for your critters!

Rachel Crooks

Birds and Critters offers a wonderful in-home service.
Caitlyn made several visits to my home when my rabbit had problems with GI stasis, and as a first time rabbit owner I really appreciated her kind support, reassurance, and teaching about syringe feeding and rabbit health.
Caitlyn is an extremely knowledgeable vet tech. She is professional, patient and dependable, and I know that "Pumpkin" always receives expert care from her.

Joyce Mann

I am so relieved that Caitlyn R.V.T. has been able to attend at my home to medicate my little cockatiel, Paco!! My prior attempts to administer topical and oral medications to treat Paco's eye infection resulted in both Paco and I being in tears! From Paco's point of view, it must have seemed that her kind Mom had transformed from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. A nurse at Avian & Exotic Veterinary Clinic recommended this business when I informed her of my difficulties. Pat responded to my call immediately, and Caitlyn was able to attend at my home the very next day, as I requested! She'll be attending every day for the course of treatment, which is so appreciated! Caitlyn is clearly extremely competent,and kind as well. I was also impressed that she observes Covid protocols and washes her hands first before she attends to her tasks. Right after Caitlyn's first visit to my home, I contacted my family and friends right away to highly recommend this business for their pets, now or in the future!

Deborah Barron

I left for the weekend and this was my first time using a petsitting service for my two bunnies and they took great care of my boys, Pat even sent daily texts and pictures each visit! I had a family emergency and had to return home sooner than planned, and they were the able to accommodate an earlier last visit as well. It was great knowing my bunnies were in expert hands!


I want to thank the Birds & Critters team for taking such fantastic care of my feathered friends while I'm away. They've stayed with them three times so far, and more to come for sure. They even send me photos of the birds while I away (including the one attached here). I'd give them more than 5 stars if I could!

Kerry Elliott

This was life saving! I live alone and my rabbit was having an extended GI stasis. After a week, it was getting difficult to find favours to call in so he could get feeds on time as I did 12 hour shifts I couldn't always find coverage for. Caitlyn came in to do one with minimal notice. It was a massive weight of my shoulders during a time of crisis like that. It gives me such peace of mind knowing this service exists.

Shannon Carol Baxter

Birds and Critters recently took care of our Alexandrine, Paco while we were on vacation. It was a good experience both for us and for Paco.
One great feature is that they offer in home care aswell as boarding, which has some real merits - our caregiver, Shay, who is a vet tech, went really above and beyond on the visits, and it quickly became clear that Paco came to like and trust her. Plus, she got some extra chew toys and fresh food for him when the supplies ran low (we were gone for quite some time).
On the for us side,we got detailed daily updates with pictures and videos, where we could get a feel for his state of mind, so yay!
We had provided reasonably detailed descriptions of his daily routine,and he got the same kind of care, including his daily cashew.
Great outfit!

Stephen Johnson

Caitlyn was a pleasure to deal with. She did a great job grooming our new bunny and was a wealth of knowledge, answering our hundreds of questions as she worked. Very smooth experience, glad we had her come to our place.

Michelle Todd

Absolutely wonderful! They send photos and videos everyday
as well as updates on your pet! My family has gone to them for over 2 years to watch our bunny! Both Pat and Caitlyn watch over him with love and care! Best in the business! Highly recommend if you need a pet sitter!

Macks Tam

Pat and her team have been excellent. We have an older bunny with a history of GI stasis, so we were always concerned with leaving her with someone when we travelled. GI stasis can happen so quickly, so having someone who is familiar with rabbits, recognizes the early symptoms and can administer care if needed is so important and comforting. The care that Pat and team have provided has allowed us to travel without worrying too much about how our bunny is doing. Having the option to do home visits also allows our bunny to stay at home where she is more comfortable. Pat and her team provided detailed updates everyday with pictures and videos. Each visit was very thorough - they checked and cleaned her litter, water and food and took some time to give her attention as well. I will be calling Birds and Critters anytime we go away because I’ll know that my bunny will be well cared for while we’re gone. I am so happy to have found Birds and Critters and would highly recommend them.

Jayme roemer

Caitlyn and Pat were SO wonderful and accommodating for me and my rabbit. They made arrangements to help me out at the last minute and took all the stress out of worrying about how my bunny was doing. I knew she was in great hands and was receiving all the love and care I could have asked for. Extremely communicative, professional, affordable, and most importantly, kind. Absolutely recommend these ladies and their wonderful services to anyone in need of a pet sitter.

Emma Mullen

I went away for a weekend to Vegas and I cannot tell you how much I worried about my two bunnies. Bunnies get sick so fast, with little warning and only a bunny aware person would recognize when this occurs. My bunnies have recurrent stasis and I have nearly lost them both several times.

Pet and critter sitters were AMAZING. They came for a thorough assessment, allowing me plenty of time to tell them all about my two buns (I'm dangerous once I get going 😆). They sent me an email telling me how my buns and budgies had been with each visit, as well as sending pictures. Flapjack was all stretched out relaxed in one of the pictures, which says so much about the visitor as she is a very nervous bunny. I could relax while I was away, knowing that the experts were checking on my two and would know what to look for.

Thank you everyone! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help 😁

Anna Hemens

Caitlyn took very good care of my piggies Butterscotch and Melvin while I was away for work. As it happens they got sick just before I had to leave and I was worried about them and it was also the first time when they were left with a pet sitter. She gave them their medicines, checked their body temperature and syringe fed Butterscotch critical care, and totally spoiled them with veggies and treats. I got daily updates and pictures from her. She also took them to the vet because I was unavailable.I am going to use Birds and Critters Pet Sitters again when I am away because with Caitlyn my piggies are in good hands.

merv 344

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