The pet store was offering beak trims why should I use you?

With us, have peace of mind knowing that your bird is in good hands. You have trained professionals to handle your bird appropriately, also having a Registered Veterinary Technician with many years of experience in the veterinary field to know the proper anatomy of your birds' beak. We can guide you if there are overt concerns regarding the condition of your birds' beak. A visit to the veterinarian may be required if your birds' beak is assessed by our Registered Veterinary Technician and a concern is found.

Do you offer in home grooming? My Macaw doesn’t do well in the car?

We certainly do offer in-home grooming, as well as nursing care for you and your pets comfort and convenience. With a lot of exotic pets, a car ride may be stressful. With us coming to you, your pet can stay stress free in its own environment, and recover a lot faster from a groom without the addition of stress from the car rides.

I have a next door neighbor that will look after my bunny and is less money that you charge?

With Birds and Critters Pet Services, you have peace of mind while you are away. We keep you connected to your pet with confirmed daily updates on the status of your pet, and even your home. Exotic pets require specialized care, and a "pet sitter hobbyist" likely doesn't have the experience or training to care for them properly. Clients have come home to pets that were not cared for appropriately by an inexperienced pet sitter. Some things that can happen when using an inexperienced/unreliable pet sitter include coming home to obese pets, emaciated pets, or even the worst case scenarios of a critically ill, or deceased pet. Some pet owners are not even sure if that neighbour was at their home during their time away. Or clients have arranged a pet sitter who all of a sudden is "on holiday". We take our pet care very seriously, and always have backup for your pet if our sitter is sick, or unable to get to a sit. Your pet and their care is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure your pet stays happy and healthy until you return.

What are you doing to keep my bird safe from diseases like the bird flu?

When your bird comes to board with us, we take measures such as up to date Health certificates from an avian veterinarian within a 4 month time period to make sure everyone is checked out to be as healthy as they can be while boarding with us. We do our best to space out cages accordingly and to not have birds "visit" each other while in our care. We also wash our hands thoroughly between the care of each pet; these measures ensure minimal disease transfer as well.

What are you doing to keep my bunny safe from the Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease?

When coming into your home we ensure our hands are washed, and that we have our booties on once our outdoor shoes are off, to minimize bringing anything into the home. Most people have their bunnies vaccinated now, but vaccines are not 100% guaranteed on protection, that is why we take the extra steps to help protect your bunny while in our care. When boarding with us, we also require an up to date RHD Vaccine certificate from your exotic veterinarian.

How do I know my pet is doing okay while I’m gone?

We keep you as connected as we can while you are away. With daily updates including a picture or video, you can rest assured your pet is doing well. If you have a sick or senior pet, we also ensure you have more detailed updates on their general wellbeing and daily activities we observe.

My vet says that My bunny has GI stasis and has sent me home with critical care but my bunny is fighting me, Do you offer in home nursing care to do syringe feeding?

Are you looking for an exotic vet? Need further information on proper care of some of the more common exotic species we keep as pet owners? Need some help in trying to treat your pet if it has been sent home with medications? Click here! (Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic for more info)