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In-Home Pet Care Services Calgary Dog and Cat Sitting: Dogs and cats have been humankind’s companion animals for thousands of generations. Humans domesticated them and many breeds of each species have been developed for specific tasks that aid people, like herding sheep, retrieving fowl after a hunt and sitting on laps to be adored.

Change can be difficult, especially for your pets. Keeping your dog or cat home alone for extended periods of time can lead them to act out and become stressed. Birds and Critters Pet Sitters provides in-home pet sitting services throughout Calgary. We provide the right amount of companionship to keep your furry, feathered or scaled friend happy all day long.

Being away from home for extended periods of time can be stressful on both you and your pets. Long workdays, vacations and weekend getaways interrupt your pet’s regular routine. This can leave them anxious and lead to unwanted mess. Birds and Critters Pet Sitters provides in-home pet sitting services for cats, dogs and other small animals. We will top-up your pet’s food and water, follow their regular exercise routines and provide companionship by playing and sitting with them and providing a walk if needed. 


Dogs have worked and lived alongside humans for thousands of years. As our relationship with dogs has evolved, they have brought us joy and friendship. Today, we no longer depend upon dogs for survival and protection, but for companionship. 

On our initial visit we will inquire as to what kind of food your dog eats. We want to be able to keep them on the same diet.The kind of water a dog drinks is also important. Is it your regular faucet water or do you have the dog on filtered water? What kind of filtered water is it? Dogs are generally fed once or twice a day. Young puppies need to eat two to three times a day depending on how young they are. Young and very small dogs need to always have access to water, much more so than large or older dogs, so we will be sure to leave plenty of fresh water down for them. All water bowls will be washed and water replaced at least once a day.


Felines have now surpassed dogs as the most popular pet to own.  Many people own more than one cat and multiple cat-homes are very common. Most are stressed by removal from their familiar home territory and dislike changes to their routines.  That’s where we come in!

On our initial visit we will inquire as to what kind of food your cat eats. We want to be able to keep them on the same diet. The kind of water a cat drinks is also important. Is it your regular faucet water or do you have the kitty on filtered water? What kind of filtered water is it? When we visit we will ask for a quick tour through all of the areas your cat will have access to at the end of our visit.

Questions we will ask:
Does your kitty have any special likes or dislikes?
May I give treats to your cat?
How does your cat react to someone else looking after him?
Is he on any medications?
What products should be used to clean up accidents?
We will always follow your instructions as to your feline companion care.

We will feed the cat(s), wash out the water bowls and refill them with fresh water, scoop litter boxes and sweep around them everyday, check the residence for any accidents and clean them up and spend time petting and playing with the cat or cats.


In-Home Pet Sitting for Small Mammals and Exotic Pets 

We cater to all your small mammals and exotic pets’ needs.

Everyone is different and we understand the importance of the specific care requirements and are tailored to their individual needs.  We strive to keep as rountined as if you are home.

Small Mammals

The most common small pets in order of popularity are rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, mice and chinchillas. There are also a smaller number of people who choose to keep exotic small animals such as sugar gliders and hedgehogs.

Keeping diet consistent is one of the most important aspects. We will keep the water bowls and bottles filled and refreshed daily and will check bottles for clogging or air locks. Bedding is cleaned regularly as per the owner’s instruction and any wet bedding is scooped from their cage daily. If litter boxes are used they are cleaned and litter is disposed of daily.


Reptiles and amphibians are being kept as pets in more and more households each year. Not only are they attractive and unique, but they are also quiet, making them perfect for apartments and condos. Their care is is quite different from that of mammals. We will make sure their environment is correct, water humidity and food is provided and feces are scooped regularly.

We will not make any changes to their environments as we know small changes can make a big difference. Part of our job is to understand why the animal is being kept the way it is, so if there is a problem we can act accordingly. We will get specific instructions from you as to how and when to feed. We will ask where you keep mice, crickets or other prey and whether these animals need are too.

Exotic Pet Grooming Service

Most pets need regular grooming and most pet owners do not have the time

Nail trims
Full Body haircuts (typically for guinea pigs and rabbits)
Ask us About  “Bunny Brazilians” 

In-home pet sitting is available for:

Guinea Pigs
And More!


Additional Services and Rates

Exotic Pet Grooming is available
We also provide caretaking services for small animals and birds. 

Give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment, find out about our rates, or to discuss specific pricing for your needs.

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